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Technical parameters
Series TT-98-III DZ
Model  HS.Z11.5L  HS.Z11.10L  HS.Z11.20L  DZ-5LIII  DZ-10LIII DZ-20LIII
Method water condensation
Performance output(L/h)  5  10  20  5  10  20
Structure evaporator stainless steel
condenser stainless steel
heating device stainless steel heating tube
rated power  4.5kw  7.5kw  15kw  4.5kw  7.5kw  15kw
Controller automatic alarm × × ×
automatic power cut × × ×
automatic recovery × × ×
Safety device no it will alarm when the water in evaporation barrel is under the warning water level, and then cut the power automatically. when the water is replenished, it continues working.
Specification exterior size
φ305*730 φ335*830 φ405*980 φ305*730 φ335*830 φ405*980
packing size
380*350*810 380*360*900 410*410*1110 380*350*810 380*360*900 410*410*1110
Power source( 50/60Hz)/Rated current AC220V/20A  AC380V/11A  AC380V/23A  AC220V/20A  AC380V/11A  AC380V/23A
NW/GW  4.7/6.7kg  6.3/7.8kg  9.5/11kg  5/7kg  7/9kg  10/12kg

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